There is only one important fight in your life.

It’s not against your boss.

Your wife/gf.

Friends, or even another country.

Only one fight will rule your life forever.

And whether or not you win that fight EVERY DAY.

It determines if you will achieve anything in your life.

This fight, is the fight against the man in the glass.

The one that stares back at you, everytime you look in the mirror. This guy has no chill. He will judge you until the very end of your life.

And he will be whispering in your ear if you lived in tune with your soul, or if you didn’t.

So, fuck everyone else.


THE ONLY person you truly need to satisfy, is the one in the mirror.

You can try and fake your success, or personality, or even your life, like everyone does these days on Instagram, but the person in the glass always knows.


Can you even look him straight in the eye?

Or does it feel weird?

Do you shy away from it?

Do it now. Find a mirror. Look at that dude. Look him straight in the eye, and think about it.

Is this really you? Or do you look into a busted, defiled image, changing your face, trying to look like people want you to?

Remember, not the person on Instagram you portray, or the nice guy you are at work, are the true “YOU”. Only this guy in there.

Is he satisfied with how you act throughout your life?

Or is he all smug because he knows you are lying to yourself, and everyone else?

Everyone has a perception of you. The drawer they put you in, when they met you.

Rarely is this a true perception of you. Only a very small number of people throughout your whole life will truly know who you are. And even then, they don’t know as much as the guy in the mirror.

I took this cold hard look myself. And it hurt. Because I realized I am not who I portray to be. I tried to fit in categories, cliches, I fucking tried to fit into the image other people had of me.

I stopped doing that and now I feel way better. You will only feel true happiness if you are one with your soul.

This might mean cutting a bunch of ties. And I know this is hard. But trust me, the other side truly is better.

Now go out and keep the man in the glass in your mind.

Every exchange you have with someone, think about him. Are you actually yourself? Or are you acting out someone?

Be yourself. You will probably get some shit or “what’s wrong with you today?”

Who gives a fuck?

It is your life.

Stop pretending to be someone else.

People love authentic people. They always did. They just don’t have the balls to be that themselves.

Lead by example.

Become one with your true self.


Alexander is the writer for SELFCONQUERING, a site where you will learn to (re-)find your masculinity, discover how life really works, how to develop a winning mindset, and how to create and re-create working, loving and sexual marriages.

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