Political correctness has gone mad.

Read this archive post* to see what four Men had to say on the matter back in 2020.


The Man Who Said ‘Bum’ at the Vicar’s Tea Party

The original intent of political correctness was to protect the life of those impacted by the actions of others, singled out because of their race, belief, sex…

Supporters recognised there would be casualties, and punishment focused on tolerance rather than destroying – a slap on the wrist, a meeting with HR, sensitivity training.

All started with good intent, but well-intentioned people can make bad decisions.

Enter 2020.

The people say they are more enlightened than ever, and the steps taken were not enough – if your ideas don’t meet the correct line, we’ll take your life.

So now, like the man who said ‘bum’ at the vicar’s tea party, ‘wrong think’ views get you shunned, censored, and fired.

This year, hatred came to the forefront, a policeman in America murdered a black man in the line of duty.

So outraged were some white folks at blatant institutional racism, they decided to show solidarity by heading over to black communities to smash shit up.

Celebrities, struggling to find relevance in a world needing PPE equipment more than a sing-song of ‘Imagine’, applied a black square to their Insta accounts and refused to post for the day.

A blessing in disguise as we got a day-off from their narcissistic drivel.

And a slew of corporations also came out in support, expressing the values they have for money.

But now we’re at this point where does it stop?

Burn the books?

Shout down debates?

Throw down statues of our forefathers who surprisingly don’t share our values?

Ban the classic sitcoms because a character, out of touch for comic effect, said a racial slur?

How about sanitary pads?  That was invented by a male!  We don’t want anything from the patriarchy!

Get rid of it all until we have nothing.

Then we can reimagine the ‘new normal’.


Strive to be an outcast.

In the age of political correctness, you’re chastised for just wanting sex. Which in itself is just the most basic nature of any man.

We want to reproduce.

And we like to practice this a lot.

But in modern times, you’re a misogynist for only thinking about sex. And especially if you like dominant sex, like really any man does, you’re a violent oppressor.

So how does the modern man live in times like these?

As an outcast.

Ask yourself, how has “fitting in” worked out so far for you? Trying to be the people pleaser? A “good man,” who doesn’t want sex that much? Just wants to please his wife. Quietly works his 9-5 without questioning authority.

How does it feel?

Especially if you look at some men who literally don’t care about political correctness. Who are openly sexist (like me), they have all the benefits you like. Women, sex, money, freedom.

The only drawback, they get a lot of hate from the Mainstream.

But this is self-inflicted because guys like us are public and we want to send a message.

So why not try to be sexist in peace and quietness?

Be the man you want to be, but don’t make a big fuss about it.

You will be the outcast in your group. Or even any group. But you will have what you always wanted.

That seems like a fair trade to me.

Get everything I care for, but other people project their insecurities onto me.

If you developed a resilient mind already, and you stopped caring about external validation, then this should be an easy question.

In the age of miserable people being politically correct, be the outcast.


Cancel everything.

I want to be called [insert pronoun].

You are being [insert this week’s outrage].

These are the cries we hear nowadays.

It appears we’ve entered an age where real Men are being eradicated. Whether it’s through cancel culture, the transgender agenda or the transhumanist movement, Men appear to have had their day.

The world wants us gone.

My guess is because when it comes time to rise up, those in power are hoping that the political correctness and all the various, and subsequent, movements will have neutered Men enough to keep them from being affective in any fight.

Well that is not the case. Not by a long shot.

With our past being erased quicker than I can write this, there are more and more Men not putting up with the nonsense.

Men like the ones writing this. Men like you reading this.

We can’t give in to this crazy societal pressure, we can’t succumb to the nonsense that is being spread by the mainstream media and we can’t crumble to the hate mob calling us toxic.

It’s time to stand up, lead by example and not give into the political correctness that is trying to permanently silence us.

We have a voice.

It’s time we use it.


What if aggression can be a good thing?

What if there are fundamental differences between men and women?

What if some cultures are better than others?

What if masculinity is actually what we need more, not less, of?

About 5 years ago these are the type of questions that began swirling around my mind.

Despite thinking I was uncovering some hidden truth by answering all the above with the negative in my younger years, I couldn’t deny my gut feeling.

Even though it always made sense that aggression focused in the right way could have positives (such as better results at work, in the gym and in building inner discipline) I’d been almost trained to think even common sense was only for people who didn’t truly understand the world.

However, I couldn’t deny that despite holding all of these PC opinions, my inner world was fraught with angst, and my outer world equally trashed.

I was weak with women.

I was afraid of my own fear.

I used alcohol and porn compulsively.

I ran away from challenge and had a strong victim mentality.

The time came when I had to sort my life out and that meant I had to engage with the world as it really is.

It meant taking responsibility for myself and not blaming the world for its (perceived) wrongs.

This was a life-changing moment.

Sure, it was rough at first, I had to let go of anger, pain, trauma and the framework through which I understood the world.

But from the ground up I began to build a life of inner honesty, of external authenticity and meaning.

I’ve since met many men who’ve had the same experiences and done the same thing, yet while many of us are waking up, so many young men are being completely detached from the reality of life, dating, their purpose and who they really are.

As men in an age of political correctness, it is upon us to strengthen our minds, bodies and souls.

To seek to be calm, rational, logical and capable, as there will come a time when men need leaders, they need elders who can show them the way.

If our culture, our society, our world loses such men, then we really are going to fall into the abyss.

*This collaboration post was originally released on June 30, 2020 via tribemedia.substack.com – a project to raise awareness of important issues that Men need to hear, whilst giving advice and drawing from personal experiences.

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