Is your alcohol use spiralling out of control?

Find out how you can spot the signs in order to stop it.

Imagine this scenario:

You meet up with a couple of your friends for a few drinks down the pub.

You prewarn them that you’ve got to be up early the next day as you have an interview for a job you’ve been desperate to land.

Soon though, you get caught up in the laughs & banter and a few drinks turn into a few too many.

Can you relate to this?

Does it sound like a familiar event?

The next day, you wake up with a horrendous hangover, you can’t remember how you got home and you seem to have lost your wallet.

You arrive late for your interview stinking of booze.

You didn’t have time to cancel your bank cards or organise a replacement driver license so you’ll have to remember to do that when you get home.

The interview doesn’t go well because your head is all over the place and you can’t focus.

You’re disappointed in yourself.

You decide to message the lads to see whether they want to meet later so you can drown your sorrows with some cheap beers and shots.

You arrive early and get yourself a couple of drinks. You deserve to have some after the disappointment of the interview.

Your mates arrive and you order some more beers then you chat about last night’s events – you hate what you hear about yourself.

You can’t believe they are talking about you.

But at least you provide a lot of interesting stories for your mates to laugh about.

But no more…

You say to your friends that you won’t drink that much tonight.

However, you do and a lot more.

Has this ever happened to you?

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The next morning, you get woken up by the random girl next to you asking you questions – but you ask yourself one major one – who is she?

How did you get there?

You don’t remember.

You leave as quickly as possible and call your friends.

A couple of them aren’t speaking to you – apparently, you were a bit of a liability last night.

You need a ‘hair of the dog’ desperately so you scrape together whatever money you have left and go for a beer & breakfast deal at the nearest pub.

You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror behind the bar…

Aren’t you meant to be at work?

Over the next few days, weeks, months & years, your drinking spirals out of control.

You don’t know how it got so bad.

You wish you could stop.

You wish you had spotted the signs earlier…

Does this scenario sound eerily familiar?

Do you often find yourself in these types of situations?

Do you wish you had spotted the signs earlier?

Well, now there’s a book that can help you spot when your drinking is starting to get out of control.

Inside, you’ll read about the experiences, the feelings and the emotions to look out for in order to stop yourself from becoming a problem drinker.

A book written from personal experiences.

If you’ve followed me for a while then you know that I talk honestly about my experiences with alcohol addiction and about my eventual recovery.

But in this book, I will dive deeper into the progression of my drinking, share personal stories and provide you with insights & advice as well as tips & guidance to help you quit drinking.

Your boozing might be sending you down a path to self-destruction and the aim of this book is to help you to avoid this from happening.

Alcohol shouldn’t be in control of your life, you should.

And with the help of this book, you will be again.

Pre-order now & get 50% off using ’email50′ – available for a limited time only.

Thank you for reading “Alcohol: Spiralling Out Of Control”.

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