Sexual temptations are everywhere, but do you succumb to them?

Where do they lead you?

Ever watched a music video? Scantily clad women shaking their booties and jiggling their boobies.

And what about TikTok? Young women coerced into dancing in their bikini’s because they don’t want to miss out on the latest ‘challenge’ or craze – just another example of the pitfalls of social media and peer pressure among the younger generation – one which is being exploited by these media apps.

In other words; Sex sells.

There is no getting away from it.

Ever gone to the gym and seen women posing in their yoga pants, performing Instagram photoshoots?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Have you ever seen boyfriends working as glorified photographers while their girlfriends pose for provocative photos on the beach?

Have you ever stumbled across sexual content on social media?

Ever wondered why sexual pictures and porn haven’t been scrubbed from social media sites while accounts promoting alternative views to the pandemic have been suspended? Because:

Sex sells.

These social media platforms (yes, this includes YouTube which promotes videos like WAP) don’t care if you’re struggling to overcome an addiction to porn. They don’t care if you’re easily triggered by these temptations. They don’t care if you see sex on their site.

You know why? Because it means you become addicted to their site!

Twitter is now filled with less subtle forms of sexual temptations, allowing harder more adult-orientated material to saturate the ever more degenerative platform.

You only have to click on a trending hashtag and among the posts (usually in the Top posts) you will see a naked woman/man promoting their OnlyFans.

And then there is actual porn sites!

So what are these images and videos doing to you?

Photo by René Ranisch on Unsplash

Acting on desires

They are designed to lead you into temptation. They are designed to drive you into low frequency energy levels such as lust and desire. They are designed to flood your dopamine receptors – making it more likely that you want you to act upon your desires.

They are designed to weaken you and make you easier to manipulate so you become addicted to constantly feeding the beast until you’re stuck in this loop of lust, dopamine hits, masturbation, ejaculation and repeat.

You’re being emotionally, mentally and spiritually castrated – and you don’t even know it.

You’ll keep returning to these sites and they’ll keep getting paid, at the expense of your natural energy and soul.

The energy that helps you make good decisions for the betterment of your wellbeing is being wasted on digital dopamine hits from images of boobs & butts, and hardcore sex videos.

The bad decision of ‘acting out’ time and again, whilst succumbing to your pursuit of instant gratification pleasure, is destroying you – and you may be totally unaware.

Photo by franco alva on Unsplash

When you view this material somewhat innocently online, do you find yourself reaching for porn?

Or do you seek casual sex through apps like Tinder, etcetera, to facilitate a ‘happy ending’?

Do you find that you succumb to these temptations and end up masturbating to ejaculation?

After ejaculation, do you feel shame? Regret? Depressed?

This is because you’ve released your natural sexual energy and depleted it – leaving you with low energy and prone to making negative decisions and having destructive thoughts.

Is this something you want your kids/future kids to see you doing?

You may think this is normal. You may have even been told it was normal.

But what you may not have consider is that: it’s not normal

Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

Semen Retention

What if you could stop wasting your sexual energy on your desires?

What if you could stop masturbating to pixelated images?

What if you could stop watching porn altogether?

Would you say yes? Or continue the endless cycle of struggle?

In order to stop yourself constantly falling into the same trap – which may have started to affect your life – you need to learn about the importance of preserving your natural energy, measures to refrain from watching porn again and the overall benefits & power you get from protecting your sexual energy.

You need to learn about the benefits of semen retention – something that has been covered on this website.

The practice of this ancient art may seem radical now because of the years of indoctrination and constant bombardment of sexual content making it normalised behaviour to watch porn and masturbate into oblivion.

Sex has been weaponised – and you’re the victim!

But the ‘radical’ approach is actually normal when you think about it critically.

You see, every time you ejaculate, you’re spilling your life force. That life force is the natural energy you have within you that is literally there to create life and provide the raw energy that powers men.

The importance of your life force should not be underestimated.

Do you feel drained after ejaculating?

Do you feel dirty, depressed and down?

Do you feel like it’s a massive effort to do anything else?

That’s because you’ve released your male sexual energy.

And for what? To pleasure yourself to other people having sex?

This isn’t natural. But retaining your natural male energy is.

You’ll notice the different when you start practicing semen retention.

You’ll have more energy.

You’ll start thinking clearer.

You’ll become more attractive to the opposite sex (even the same!)

You’ll avoid the dopamine dumps from endless watching porn – something that rewires your brain and damages the body’s pleasure sensors.

So, what have you got to lose? Not your natural sexual energy, that’s for sure!

Learn Sexual Energy Mastery and gain knowledge that will open your eyes to a whole new world and have you questioning your old beliefs and habits.*

It’s time to eliminate temptations and reclaim your manhood.

Thank you for reading “Booty Shaking And Booby Jiggling – Temptations Are Everywhere”.

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*I’m 17 days into my semen retention journey at the time of writing this and I feel like an energetic beast.