FOR me, the importance of sunlight/sunshine, fresh air and being in nature should not be taken for granted.

The sand, sea and sun are so good for the soul and have dragged me out of a destructive mindset on more than one occasion.

Nature is the great equaliser in the chaotic mind of a former addict, like myself. I can attest to this as recently, and the first time in a long time, my thoughts turn towards:

Drinking and self-medication as a coping mechanism for the uncertainty that has entered my life recently. I have also been feeling the loss of my mother a lot stronger recently.

*I will touch upon the recent chaos plaguing my thoughts in the first chaos journal entry.

But nature has an amazing ability to rejuvenate your mind, replenish your body and restore your soul. I believe the further we, as a society, have removed ourselves from nature/ the basics, the more unhappy we have become.

Take the lockdowns for example. They wreaked havoc on people, causing depression, despair and even death because we were removed from friends & family and from the outside world. From fresh air, sunshine, the wilderness, the beach, mountains, etc.

When it comes to your physical, emotional and spiritual health & well-being, sunshine can restore your spirit, the sea can refresh your soul, fresh air can reset your system and nature can rebuild your strength.

And the lockdowns were a perfect example of what happens when these basics are taken away from us. I know all the lockdowns weren’t the same but in some parts of Europe, where I’m from, they were quite severe for extended periods and I definitely noticed the effects.

However, it isn’t just the lockdowns, or as I will touch upon later – digital and substance addictions – it can be being trapped in our own heads that can sometimes be an unsafe place for some. But by escaping into nature and really enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and sensations; the world always seems less daunting and destructive moods will flip easier.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Unnatural living

We’re getting further and further from nature.

TV, Netflix, social media, YouTube, cocaine, pills, porn and booze.

It’s not natural.

  • Swim in the sea
  • Run along the beach
  • Exercise in the rain
  • Meditate in the woods

Return to the purity of nature. Recharge your natural energy.

We’ve become uprooted by digital dysfunction and substance dependence and the only way to become grounded again is by the healing blessings of nature.

So, while most people are obsessed with OnlyFans, partying, consumption, media propaganda and lies from Big Pharma.

Go the opposite way.

Create businesses, do good deeds, get out in nature, eat clean & work out, research things for yourself and build your legacy.

Forge your own path.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels


Being around nature is the personification of purity and peacefulness. Surround yourself with it on a daily basis and you’ll end up feeling cleansed and reborn.

Let the purity of nature rebalance you like I have had to do recently.

  • Feast on the fresh air
  • Soak up the sunshine
  • Bask in the beauty
  • Find wonder in the forest
  • Intrigue in the insects
  • Swim in the sea
  • Have sex on the sand
  • Embrace the earth’s energy
  • Stare at the stars

and watch your mindset reset.

I’ve had to do that often these past couple of weeks as external stresses have upset my inner peace.

If it wasn’t for living so close to the beach, having wonderful mountain views and surrounding myself with people that care about me, I may not have been able to write this for you today.

Even when the darkness of negative and traumatic events hit your life, there are still opportunities to see some clarity in the light.

Soak up the purity and beauty of nature, breath in the fresh air and start thinking positive, stress free thoughts again.

Photo by Photography Maghradze PH from Pexels


Two easy ways to emerge out from the darkness and chaos of your thoughts and/or surroundings:

  1. Walk around in nature – exercise mixed with fresh air and different scenery from normal, boring city life. This will help you clear your mind
  2. Swim in the sea – cold water exercise. This will help you focus on something other than your problems

For some people, myself included, fighting back the negative, dark and depressing thoughts, is a daily mental challenge so give yourself the best chance of escaping these thoughts by pursuing positive practices.

Spend time in nature, breathing fresh air. Feed your mind & body healthily. Exercise.

There is no better way to flip your negative mood than by getting out into nature.

Remember, if you’ve got time to scroll, you’ve got time to stroll. Get outside, walk in nature and breath in the fresh air.

Thank you for reading “Purity Of Nature”.

Be sure to check out the last post: “Simple Gratitude – To Help You Through Tough Times And Keep You Grounded“.

Take care,

Birth of Clarity

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