Since I started writing again, I’ve received a lot of support and encouragement for the content I’ve shared… and I’m very grateful for that.

As I’ve stated before, my newsletter and the content I write on Twitter, here on the website, and my telegram channel, are to help people through tough times and inspire change within those reading my experiences, feelings, strength, and hope.

I’ve been through lots of ups and downs, challenging times, tough periods of change, pure happiness, and downright darkness but I’m still here… still sharing with raw honesty.

My content is intended to rescue those stuck in a pit of depression. I write about my sobriety journey in order to inspire those people struggling with addiction to overcome their problems. I share my story to try to save those crippled by fear and negativity so that they can begin their journey back towards elite-level operation – which I know they’re capable of.

You’ve all got greatness within you, yet some of you may struggle to realise this as you’re allowing your demons to drag you down deeper into the depths of hell.

You may be struggling with substance abuse or the effects of digital dopamine, or you may have allowed your resentments and fear to block your path to true potential and progression.

This means that sometimes, in order for you to claw your way back towards the light and regain control of your life, you may have to revert back to some simple practices. Practices that will ground you and remind you that not everything is doom and gloom. And that there are ‘small’ things to be grateful for and feel blessed for.

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Practising Simple Gratitude

I recently wrote a short post over at BMC after receiving some more coffee as support for a recent newsletter, and it reminded me that although I am grateful for these acts of kindness and support, I can’t get complacent about my gratitude practices. I must remember to be grateful for the simpler things in life and not take them for granted.

Here’s what I wrote:

The KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) method can be applied to all sorts of things and is a very effective tool.

It can be used in all aspects of your life but I find that for the purpose of gratitude it works really well.

This simplistic approach to gratitude can then be built upon.

But it’s a perfect starting point for when you are feeling down or when you feel you’ve got nothing going for you.

For example, when you’re relying heavily on your main vice(s) for comfort because you’re having a rough time, why not try to snap out of your negative mindset by practising some simple gratitude:

I’m grateful that I have my legs.
I’m grateful that I have my sight.
I’m grateful that I have my hands.
I’m grateful that I have my hearing.

Whatever is applicable in your life.

These may sound super simple but if you concentrate and focus on them, they’ll hopefully get you out of your negative mindset for a while.

Then you can build upon these with bigger things and go from there.

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Repeat, daily.

Why not start a gratitude list journal?

Take a moment each day to write down things you grateful for.

Here are seven benefits to creating a gratitude list:

1. Puts life into perspective

2. Illuminates your achievements

3. Helps keep track of where you’re at

4. Highlights areas you need to work on

5. Keeps you humble and honest

6. Focuses on the positives in life

7. Great for flipping negative thoughts

Believe me, I know it’s not always easy to do when you’re treating your worries, struggles, pain with a substance (or whatever your vice is) and you’re pulling yourself further & further into the darkness.

But remember, you’re not alone.

We’ve all got something to be grateful for, even if you can’t see it at the moment.

Practising this simple gratitude technique could assist you in tackling your dependence on your vices and the destructive ways you deal with adversity.

Practising gratitude is the perfect way to kick out of your victim mentality.


Gratitude is the natural counterbalance to being stuck in your own head while you stew on all the problems that you feel have been bestowed upon you.

Practising gratitude is a great way of remembering that there is always some light somewhere within the darkness and although your current circumstances may feel like they are overwhelming, sad, and hopeless, there is still gratitude to be found.

Gratitude has the power to help you feel more attached to life when you may be feeling your most lost. It can illuminate your purpose when you feel the clarity of your mission slipping away. It can stabilise your emotions when they are at their most erratic.

Don’t be afraid to practice gratitude. It’s not as hippy-ish as it sounds and you can make it as simple or complex as you want it to be.

Be grateful for the small things that you may have taken for granted. Be grateful for the bigger things that confirm you’re on the right path. Be grateful for the loved ones in your life. Be grateful for life itself and the opportunity to mold and/or change it the way you want.

I’m grateful to be able to write this for you today.

Thank you for reading “Simple Gratitude – To Help You Through Tough Times And Keep You Grounded”.

Be sure to check out the last post: “Keep Building, Keep Progressing“.

Take care,

Birth of Clarity

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