I’ll be honest, I really didn’t feel like writing today, or working out, or eat healthily.

I’ve been physically suffering with an injury and I just wanted to come home from work and do nothing! But as many people will tell you, that is the best time to power through and continue doing the healthy things which have formed part of your positive routine – so that’s what I’ve done.

When you really feel like giving up because you think something is going to be too hard, you think it’s going to be too strenuous or you think it’s going to involve too much effort; that’s when you need to do it the most – because it’s that pain, that effort and that action which is going to really count in the long run.

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I’m sure you’ve heard this before but it’s something I’ve struggled with over the years and am really making an effort to try to rectify now. It’s late, I’m tired and I want to tap out from this day. However, I don’t want to give up on the positive habits I’ve been building. I don’t want to go back to the destructive nature of my past behaviours. I want to be able to push forward, progress and grow.

And you should too.

You may not feel like eating healthy today, you may feel like skipping your workout, you may not feel up to sitting down and writing, but by not doing so, you are giving yourself an excuse to stop improving. You are giving yourself the green light to ditch a commitment you’ve made to yourself that will help you gain a better way of life.

You don’t always have to be going 100 per cent all of the time; don’t let ‘gurus’ on social media tell you you must. You don’t need to be hustling 24/7 because you will burn yourself out and what is the point in that.

Make steady progress at the beginning and keep building yourself up from there.

However, don’t use the ‘don’t burn yourself’ advice as an excuse either! Continue to do the things you’ve put in place to protect your mental, physical and emotional health & well-being.

You have to look after yourself. And you must protect the positive changes, the healthy habits you’ve formed and the rewarding behavioural transformations you’ve made.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Small wins, greater victory

Much like a parent would tell their child not to give up, you can’t either.

You must carry on with the things that are making you healthy and avoid the monsters waiting for you in the shadows. The killers of progress, the ones looking for you to stop taking care of yourself and the ones pushing you back into the grips of your past demons.

It’s easy to take the route of comfort and descend back into old habits, however, you already know they served you no good! They may have been easy and something you still have cravings for but they are the reason you seek progress now. Progress towards betterment.

Don’t allow yourself to be tormented by your old destructive habitual lifestyle and choices.

Keep yourself on track. Look out for triggers of when you may give up on your positive changes – tiredness, injury, pain, low energy or a bad day at work – and look out for warning signs of doing too much.

Don’t slack on the small things. Build momentum with small wins.

  • Start your day by making your bed, simple but an easy win.
  • Make sure that you eat some fruit, again, simple but an easy win.
  • Do some exercise however small. Just don’t skip it. Make sure you fit it in somehow, someway within your day.
  • Make sure that you get some fresh air and some sunshine, if you can, because it will make you feel so much better.
  • Connect with another human being, speak to a trusted love one.
  • Do something you’re passionate about.


I’ve been inspired by my friend, Jeff, who is currently writing another book. He has been writing every morning, which he then follows with a workout. To me, that positive habit-stacking is inspirational and has motivated me to carry on with what I’m doing despite not wanting to.

So when you are having a day like I had today, where you don’t want to do anything but eat junk food and wallow in the bad day you had at work, that is the time to do the opposite.

Let your positive actions drown out your negative thoughts.

You’ve got this.

Thank you for reading “Keep Building, Keep Progressing”.

Take care,

Birth of Clarity

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