Build a solid foundation

1 Socially
2 Mentally
3 Spiritually
4 Physically

Don’t waste your potential on the party lifestyle of booze, drugs & sex.


Most social groups at this age are built around sex, booze and drugs. With the pursuit of sex, via getting drunk or taking drugs, top of the list. And if it’s not pursuing sexual encounters then it’s talking about it and discussing conquests.

Although fun, this obsession with sex, drinking and drugging is not much of a basis to build your friendship groups on, especially if this is ALL the group is based on.

These trivial, superficial pursuits tend to lead to surface level interactions, instead of deeper connections.

You’re not really connecting aside from banter about your sexual exploits, or how drunk or high you were the night before.

This doesn’t mean that meaningful relationships cannot be formed, but these early years are crucial for setting up your life. These are the stepping stones in which to build your legacy. Try to incorporate other things into your social circle. Pursue healthier options.

If your friendships are based on a deeper level, you’re more likely to have purposeful, lasting relationships.

By knowing this now, you’ll be able to navigate these early years in order to start building towards a brighter, positive and more productive future.

Please have fun, but don’t base your identity on this surface level, unfulfilling, party lifestyle.

Start forming strong relationships now, surround yourself with winners, and become a winner.


The party lifestyle will do nothing for you mentally, in fact, it’ll take more than it’ll give you.

It’s an empty promise and a lot of the time, it’s wasted energy.

Spend your time getting to know yourself and use your natural energy to drive you, you’ll feel more fulfilled mentally.

Knowing that your mental health and wellbeing is so important, should be a driving factor in the decisions you make, the people you surround yourself with & the things you feed your mind.

Wasting days down the pub, taking drugs watching Netflix, gaming or porn will destroy your mind, especially it starts to consume you.

Protect your mental health at all costs.


Spirituality may sound like a hippy term but view it more like your inner peace and you’ll make it more of a priority to build a solid foundation for it.

Partying every weekend, boozing, drugging and having random casual sex, is far from a calm foundation to build your life upon.

Incorporate meditation early.

Mindfulness and pursuing a quieter means of living, away from immersive technology.

Get back to nature. Use it to replenish your natural energy and top up your life force.

Nature provides positivity and you should make positivity a huge part in your life.

Our culture, with social media and instant gratification, is trying to tear down your inner peace and any calmness you may want.

Don’t let it.


The food you put into your body has to be the right fuel to move it, and the key word there is, move.

You need to build positive habits, and make them stick.

You need to get active.
You should lift weights.
You must keep your body moving.

Feed your body the right nutrients. Having a healthy diet will help not only the health of your body, but also your mind.

Feeding your mind the right fuel, or more importantly, not allowing it to consume negativity and nonsense, will help not only the health of your mind, but also your body.

Build your mind, and body, to be bulletproof.

Your body and mind are more connected than you think.

Build a solid link between your body and mind early, and protect them. Don’t take them for granted.

You never know when you may need them.

Build a strong frame. A solid core. A desire to be physically in shape.

Stop stagnating. Stop sitting, playing video games all day and eating junk food.

A healthy body will to fight off so many illnesses, and as you get older, you’ll need to be as strong as possible.

Build a solid foundation of strength.


All four of these elements are interlinked.

The beauty is, at this age, you have a great chance to work on them now.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, concentrate on positivity and love, and keep building yourself up.

Build the foundations that you’ll build and improve upon for your future.

These are important years.

Don’t waste your time on getting blackout drunk binge drinking, pursuing casual sex with random strangers you’ve met in the club and don’t waste your money & brain power on illegal drugs.

Use these years to learn how to conquer your life and you’ll have a solid foundation to build a positive legacy.

Take care,

Birth of Clarity

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