If I look at the world today and compare it to when I was a kid/ teenager, it appears now, more likely than ever, I’ve been transported to an alternative reality.

Maybe I have!

And maybe that’d be a good thing…

The world has gone mad

I think we can all agree that we’re living in a clown world. Maybe some of you are better at blocking out the mayhem, or better at just getting on with your own lives.

Or maybe, like me, you’ve got a lot going on personally that is taking up the majority of your time.

However, even with limited time to spare, I can see that everything has changed. And in my opinion, not for the better.

Relinquished control of our lives

We are being told that THIS is the new normal. This time right now.

Fear. Panic. Protests. Violence. Masks. And all the madness that the pandemic and riots have created.

It’s an unhealthy, unnatural and inhuman time.

This “new normal” is unnatural.

The way we’re currently being treated, and treating each other, is unnatural.

We’re being force fed a diet of negativity, fear & dishonesty by those “above” us. Those that are supposedly in control.

Those that supposedly have a best interests at heart.

This isn’t living. Not really.

But we have a choice. We have free will.

We can choose how we go about our lives. What we choose to believe. What media we consume. How we react to these bizarre situations we find ourselves in.

But instead, a lot of people are looking to be told what to do by those they don’t even trust.

Are you someone who regularly says that governments & the mainstream media can’t be trusted?

Do you follow them anyway?


Follow the money

Those in positions of power, influence and wealth, were quick to tell us to wear masks, gloves, wash your hands, stand apart and stay at home because of a virus.

Yet in previous, and recent years, they’ve turned a blind eye to the blatant over prescribing of highly addictive prescription medication.

The marketing of violent video games & gambling apps/ sites.

The ease at which porn can be accessed, by anyone.

The known exploitation of children in Hollywood.

And the high numbers of deaths related to obesity, heart disease & booze.


They haven’t got your best interests at heart. And they normally don’t.

Just follow the money. It’ll usually lead you to what’s really going on.


My issue here isn’t whether the pandemic is real, or not. Or whether protesting/ rioting is a good idea, or not.

My issue is this:

How can we trust people in power to have our backs over anything when they have proven that they don’t really care about us?

I’m not buying into this new normal agenda.

If the “new normal” is a society divided, locked down and living in a culture of fear, hysteria and hatred.

You can count me as being part of the counterculture.

Will you join me?

Take care,

Birth of Clarity

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