One night last year I was doing the washing up after dinner and listening to a podcast.

Something that I still do, regularly.

As a big podcast fan, who has been to listening to different shows for many years now, I tend to spend a lot of time listening to them whilst I’m doing household chores, walking to work, doing exercise or when taking public transport.

To be honest, I basically listen to them everywhere.

Over the years, I’ve listened to many different shows, changing my rotation between different podcasters and genres. For a long time though, I listened to one more often than most, Vince Russo’s The Brand.

Vince Russo is a polarizing personality from the world of professional wrestling, however, I had started to concentrate solely on his shows talking about life, God and his own personal life experiences.

But anyway, on this particular night my wife asked me what I was listening to.

I happened to be listening to Russo talking about a recent WWE show.

This made her chuckle as I hadn’t mentioned anything about wrestling in a long time.

This lead to us chatting about how much of a crazy wrestling fan I was many years ago. This was a conversation we had had many times whilst I was actively involved in my addiction.

Yes, that’s right, I just said it, addiction… I was addicted to wrestling!

Maybe you’d call it an obsession but

I listened to podcasts on it, I went to live events around the country, I wrote articles on it, I started a podcast on it, I spent hours on social media talking about it and I even started a successful business around it!

My wife said she was seriously worried that I was losing my mind at the time.

She said it had become a real problem, as most addictions do after a long time untreated, and that she didn’t know if I’d come out the other side.

It was crazy to hear.

Grappling with distraction

Wrestling had become a distraction from real life, which at the time, wasn’t going the way I wanted. So, I immersed myself in this strange little world. A world where there was constant content for fans, and wrestlers, alike. A world that was like something you’d have to be in to believe. Think of political fanatics but much more passionate, and even more vocal. It was a strange time in my life.


Thankfully when my son was born, my life took on a new and more important meaning. I quickly gained clarity and a new perspective on where my life was. And more importantly, where it should be. A wrestling obsession was not where it needed to be. The giving up of drinking, drugging and other such vices quickly followed too.

I was able to see that I was wasting valuable time with this obsession. I wasn’t spending enough quality time with my wife, I hadn’t been spending any time on my own personal development and I wasn’t fully prepared for beginning life as a Dad.

Thankfully the mental fog cleared & I gained some much needed clarity.

I realised how much precious time I’d actually wasted and I was so relieved when the obsession/addiction left me.


Addiction can disguise itself in many forms; alcohol, drugs, social media, gaming, food.

If your mind is weakened, whether it’s through your own personal choices, or through external stresses or pressure, then you need to recognise, and prioritize, your recovery and strengthening of your mental health.

Yes, it’s true that addiction takes many forms…

But who knew it would come in the form of wrestling!

Take care,

Birth of Clarity

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