The age of digital media has shifted how we consume almost everything.

From sex to texts, everything can be had at the push of a button.

Most worrying though, is the unhealthy obsessions and addictions that have been formed from this instant gratification culture.

Multimillion dollar corporations have cleverly designed & engineered a variety of different ways to keep you glued to your screens, with immersive programs designed to give you an experience you can’t put down.

It’s modern day slavery, seductively disguised as being fun & cool.

But walking the earth now are content slaves, or zombies.

Heads down, unable to make eye contact and afraid to make small talk for, Fear Of Missing Out.

Buried in phones, tablets and laptops, not lifting their heads up to engage with the real world.

And the overconsumption of these immersive platforms is destroying productivity, and people’s postures.

Productivity has taken a hit because of FOMO and although not discussed often, postures are noticeably worse.

People slumped over, bad necks & backs and even wrist & forearm problems.

Plus the battle for your attention has never been more fierce.

These immersive gaming experiences, social media designed to hook you, Netflix and porn sites all of them wanting the most precious gift of all, your time.

And when people aren’t losing time, they’re losing reality.

They’re falling into the trap of thinking that their devices are substitutes for the real world, for real life.

  • Porn is slowly infiltrating the mainstream, it’s all over social media platforms now.
  • Video games are intentionally made to hook people for days, weeks, months.
  • Social media algorithms can be manipulated to push whatever agenda has been paid for by the highest bidder.

Dopamine hits from porn, social media vanity metrics & the “achievements” earned in video games mean that your programmed mind doesn’t think to get them by healthy means.

Dopamine hits.

Dopamine drops.

And when it drops, it really drops.

When your continually chasing the hits with porn, social media gratification & gaming apps, the drops will only get deeper because the hits are superficial.

They’re not truly fulfilling, or indeed positive.

The 3 main digital habits effecting your mental health are:

  1. Porn
  2. Gaming
  3. Social media

All, when used excessively, cause you to experience realities that aren’t real.

So once you view these realities as better than the real one, you try to fully immerse yourself in them.

The excessive consumption of these digital dopamine hits are messing up your mind.

Mental health and wellbeing problems are at an all time high.

There addictions are real.

They’re causing anguish and pain to those that have formed these destructive habits & obsessions.

Porn is designed to keep you interested, to keep you immersed and to keep you hooked.

The same goes for social media platforms, video games and all streaming services.

This isn’t new information yet people like to say that gaming, porn and social media aren’t addictive.

Open your eyes

Mainstream media feeds you lies.
The government feeds you lies.
Facebook feeds you lies.
Google feeds you lies.

To truly break free:

Stop eating them up.
Start questioning everything.
Stop being a manipulated puppet.
Start researching things for yourself.

You need to break free of these destructive vices.

They’re destroying the way you think, the way you process reality & real life interactions.

Finally, you need to see that this is a real issue, people are really struggling and these companies won’t stop until we’re all hooked.

Take care,

Birth of Clarity

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